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10 Surprising Pregnancy Facts

Being pregnant is one of the most universal experiences in the world, yet there are so many things that people do not know about it! We have compiled 10 interesting facts you may have never heard about down below. 1) The Uterus Grows . . . A Lot! Before pregnancy, the uterus is about the size of a pear and weights around 60 grams. But by the third trimester, it can grow to the size of a watermelon – weighing over 900 grams! Overall, stretching 500 times its normal size. But don’t worry, after birth the uterus returns to its
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Your Baby’s Milestones: From First Kick To First Steps

There is nothing more beautiful for a first-time parent than the first time their baby does something, big or small! Whether that something involves kicking, crawling, walking, talking, smiling or laughing! Nothing is more important to parents than witnessing their baby’s first milestones! We’ve compiled a list of the biggest baby milestones, along with when you can expect to experience them! Read on, and never miss your baby’s most important moments!   Your Baby’s Milestones: The First Trimester In The Womb While your baby is growing inside you, there are so many milestones you may not be aware of! The
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7 Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy Debunked

Before medical practitioners, modern science and the internet, women learnt about pregnancy from knowledge passed down from older generations. Now, these collective beliefs are known as ‘old wives’ tales’ and many expectant moms still look to them for guidance from gender prediction to inducing labor. Some of these old wives’ tales have been proven to be true while others have no scientific evidence behind them. We rounded up some common old wives’ tales about pregnancy and investigated whether there’s any scientific evidence to support them. Here’s what we found… You Can Tell the Sex by The Size of The Bump
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Boosting Your Chance Of Conception Using Vitamins & Supplements

While trying to get pregnant it is important to take the right vitamins and supplements, not only can this improve fertility and increase your chances of conception – it can also reduce the risk of problems in your baby’s development in the early stages of your pregnancy. Not sure which supplements to take on your journey to becoming a parent? Read on and find out which supplements are the best, how they increase your chances of conception and how much you should be taking. Importance Of Vitamins & Supplements Getting a nourishing regimen of prenatal vitamins and supplements is important,
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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Twins

In some ancient African tribes’ times, twins were seen as a single soul with two bodies. If the one dies, the other one will not survive. Although, we know now that the former is not true – there is still something so fascinating about twins and other multiple birth children. If you wanted to learn some interesting scientific facts about twins, read below. 1. Being pregnant with two foetuses aren’t necessarily twins There is an extremely rare condition referred to as ‘superfetation’ where a pregnant woman continues to ovulate and develops another embryo which is later fertilised. However, this second
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