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5 tips for improving sexual self-esteem

Confidence in bed is one of the key factors for a good time, so everyone needs it. With this article we will try to elevate, improve or at least lay the foundations of your sexual self-esteem. What is our sexual attitude? When you go to bed with a person, whether for the first time or with a long-term partner, we have certain ideas and expectations about what and how will happen. All these mental thoughts and plans form an attitude that is sometimes negative due to lack of self-confidence. The fact is that we can’t click our fingers and magically
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Does COVID-19 affect your menstrual cycle?

We cannot miss out the huge impact COVID-19 pandemic has had on humanity. COVID-19 infection is usually associated with respiratory symptoms, such as cough, fever or shortness of breath. Nevertheless, it can also impact other systems of our body such as the digestive, nervous or cardiovascular system. A growing body of evidence suggests that COVID-19 infection can affect your menstrual cycle as well. Talking generally, this can be caused by the virus itself or by the stress it causes on the body. Let’s not also forget the lifestyle adjustments needed, which can also impact the menstrual cycle. Let’s break down
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Sex and zodiac signs

They say there are many things you can learn about a current or potential future relationship from astrology. The zodiac signs serve as a guide for a number of hypothetical questions you are probably asking yourself: from how compatible you are and how to deal with your partner in a dispute, to what you can expect in bed. Just as each of the twelve zodiac signs has a specific set of characteristics, each of them has special preferences in terms of sex and foreplay. And whether you believe in astrology or are skeptical about it, we offer you a description
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Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant? Infertility causes

Nowadays, many couples have problems conceiving. This might be because of infertility, pregnancy loss or failures in assisted reproduction techniques. In this blog, we are going to discuss the main reasons for infertility.   What does infertility mean? According to World Health Organization, infertility is defined as a failure to achieve pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. After this period of time, consulting a specialist is recommended. He runs certain tests to acknowledge a problem and solve it if there is one. Infertility is not just a female issue. It can affect both partners. Experts agree
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Problems conceiving: Testing

Many couples nowadays have problems conceiving. Women under the age of 35 who have been trying to conceive for more than 1 year or women over the age of 35 who have been trying for more than 6 months, should consult a doctor. Infertility is not just a female issue. Infertility can affect both partners. Fertility experts agree that, on average, 30% of the cases of infertility can be attributed solely to the female, 30% solely to the male, 30% a combination of both partners, and in 10% there is unexplained infertility.   Here are the steps you should take when you
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Reasons you missed your period – Part 2

In the previous blog, we discussed some of the main reasons for missing your period other than pregnancy – stress, intense exercises, PCOS, thyroid problems, etc. Here are some other reasons for lack of menstruation.   What is amenorrhea? Amenorrhea means the absence of menstruation. There are two types of amenorrhea – primary and secondary. Primary amenorrhea is defined as the failure of initiation of the first menstrual cycle by age of 16. Secondary amenorrhea happens when a woman who has had normal menstrual cycles stops getting her monthly period for more than 3 months. The menstrual cycle is regulated
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Оvulation – all you need to know

Ovulation is one of the most important phases of the menstrual cycle. Read this blog for additional information about what is ovulation and what happens to your body when you are ovulating. What is ovulation? Apart from menstruating, women’s menstrual cycle consists of three phases – follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase. Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from one of the ovaries. After that, special structures of the fallopian tubes, called fimbriae, carry the egg from the ovary toward the uterus. When does ovulation occur and how long does it last? Ovulation usually occurs midway through your
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10 Vaginal Hygiene Tips All Women Should Follow

Sexual hygiene is not only important to stay smelling fresh, but to preserve your reproductive system as well as your unitary tract health too! Your vagina is a very sensitive area and any interferences with your pH balance can cause vaginal infections and other health troubles. Keep reading for some basic sexual hygiene practices that every woman, regardless of age, should follow! 1) Avoid Soap Yes, you read correctly. Most commercially sold scented soaps are harsh on your lady parts. These soaps often contain harmful chemicals such as glycerol, perfumes and antiseptics can affect the healthy balance of the bacteria
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Top 5 Role Play Fantasies

Sex is tricky, and being sexier is even more tricky. A relationship on the other hand could feel like running a marathon because lets face it – you’re drained! Anxiety, stress and all these feelings can lead to bad sex or not enough sex, leaving your relationship feeling underway. So if you’re looking for some ways to spice up your sex life, role play is the answer when reconnecting with your partner! Role play is sexy, seductive and playful – while being arrested in real life may cause some PTSD, being ‘cuffed’ by your officer partner could make you beg
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10 Surprising Pregnancy Facts

Being pregnant is one of the most universal experiences in the world, yet there are so many things that people do not know about it! We have compiled 10 interesting facts you may have never heard about down below. 1) The Uterus Grows . . . A Lot! Before pregnancy, the uterus is about the size of a pear and weights around 60 grams. But by the third trimester, it can grow to the size of a watermelon – weighing over 900 grams! Overall, stretching 500 times its normal size. But don’t worry, after birth the uterus returns to its
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